Our Team

Studio Manager / Lead Photographer

Sigourney Frazier graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore with a MSW and a LGSW licensure and thereafter began a career as a clinical social worker.

As Studio Manager Sigourney helps foster artists in the city to hone their skills as well as providing photography and videography for small companies, events, and the studio’s community initiatives. She also provides film footage, runs casting calls and recruits personnel for tictocmind’s editorial documentaries and stage productions, having started with the Abundance of Being series.

Some of her extensive photography that captures unfolding stories of movements can be seen here: Our Streets

Sigourney also dedicates some of her time to assisting the homeless of Baltimore, together with a collective of concerned Baltimoreans.

Playwright / Director

Mkawasi Mcharo is a co-founder of Tictocmind. She comes with over 20 years of playwriting, directing and producing in Kenya, Ethiopia, New York, Washington DC and Baltimore. Her work has received critical acclaim especially in Kenya where she was born and raised. Over the years, she has explored other modes of storytelling, including documentary-making. She is also a freelance writer with published articles on global politics. See WordUnderground.

Mkawasi has a Bachelors in Literature – University of Nairobi; a Masters in Theatre Arts – Hunter College, NY; a Masters in Diplomacy – Norwich University, VT; and is a PhD scholar in African Studies at Howard University. She was also Directing Fellow at Arena Stage in Washington DC. Mkawasi is currently a Linguist at FSI (Dept of State).

She writes stories of social relevance exploring both local and global themes. She co-founded tictocmind™ Studios to offer her the freedom to produce her own works and stories from the margins that deserve an audience.

Producer / Technical Director

Preston Hall is the co-founder of tictocmind™. He builds and maintains the studio’s website and rigs up all the technical needs from lights to sounds, stage set, modifying filming equipment, programing digital platforms, etc. He is also a trained Satellite Engineer, US Air Force Vet, studied Aeronautical Engineering at Aero-Space Institute in Chicago and Electronic Technology with the Cleveland Institute of Electronics.

Preston also holds a General Radiotelephone Federal Communications Commission license; certification in the dealership and installation of Ka-band VSATs using frequency-reuse spot beam technology; and is certified in computer hardware, operating systems and networks.

He is a consummate self-taught software programmer who has severally given his services freely to deserving projects. One of his hobbies is growing anything green and is currently working on a Natural Indoor Air Quality Enhancer system using the Azolla fern. Preston is a licensed Irrigator.

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