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We are based in Baltimore, MD.

Then: Our history of storymaking (theatre, film, photography, coding and partners in animation) spans over two decades and across several cities – Nairobi, Addis Ababa, New York, Washington DC and Baltimore.

Tictocmind theatre directing project, Washington DC

Now: Our refocused business is now in training & production in film and documentaries for the on-the-go 21st century audience that needs to stay informed, smart, entertained and unplugged from mindless social media reels. We aim to put the thinking mind back in reel consumption. 

BLM in the Capitol – Tictocmind documentary in-the-making

We are dedicated to training minority filmmakers in being the heroes in their own stories, and to build their own businesses in the storytelling industry using the best digital media and technology available. Storytelling is how we go to war for our dignity.

Our love for Baltimore is our inspiration; our global exposure is our advantage

Artwork by Marlon – Tictocmind Loves Baltimore
Training – The Vision:

Through a competitive immersion course taught by the best in the industry, we teach a new generation of Baltimoreans how to write and produce the stories that build them up. If you must tell about the nightmares that keep you screaming and shamed, make sure you kill that monster in the story. Our Training Schedule

We are building a hub for training modern-day filmmakers in Baltimore. They will produce top-notch story content that will be released primarily through existing digital platforms. Tictocmind’s vision is to eventually build its own digital channel.

Envisioned – A Tictocmind training and film editing Studio

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