Curriculum & Schedule for Painting Classes

Week 1
Introductions/Basics of Painting - Students will learn the basics of color theory like hue, value, and saturation. As well as the basics to starting a painting like sighting, scale, overlapping objects, under painting, and how to mix paint. Students will also learn about complimentary colors and why we use them instead of black and white.

Confidence Building - Students will learn to be confident in their own abilities with two painting exercises that will challenge them to make their work as great as it has the potential to be.

Week 2
Painting Objects of Different Geometric Shapes - Students will learn how to paint objects of different shapes from a Still Life set up with objects that we bring. We will discuss reflective light, shadows, and angles.

Schedule a Class

Painting Class 8-Session Immersion Course
Monday 5-7 pm
Wednesday 5-7 pm

Upon completion, a student receives a certificate and opportunity to exhibit their work, hosted by tictocmind™ Studios. Private instruction available on request

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Painting Fabric - Students will learn to paint different types of fabric using fabric they bring to class. We will discuss how to 'suggest' things in your painting, angles, folds, patterns and shadows.

Week 3
Transparent/Reflective Objects - Students will learn to paint transparent and reflective objects using their observations of what they see in a Still Life. We will discuss reflection, distorted view, and painting a reflective pigmented objects.

Painting Transparent/Reflective Objects and Adding Creativity through Alterations - Students will paint transparent/reflective objects using a photo and use another photo of fabric to change the design on one object in the photo.

Week 4
Final Still Life for Final Project - Students will paint a Still Life incorporating the different textures and techniques we previously learned and practices.

Personalize Your Still Life - Find an image you like and add it to your painting. Students will find an image to bring to class and incorporate this outside image into a Still Life painting done in class.

Maus’s Biography

Maus is an Artist of ten years with experience in painting, drawing, and building sculptures. Her work focuses on styles such as realism, abstraction, and expressionism. She has been in several art shows and has won twice in one competition, Maryland’s Greenbelt Labor Day Festival, with first in painting and second in drawing.

Passionate about being an environmentalist and it’s possibilities, Maus provides support to her students with learning to be eco-friendly in art with skills that go beyond recycling. Even though Maus has begun to transition her personal work to be more sustainable and eco-friendly more in depth, she helps her students to start from the beginning.

Maus has an Associates Degree in Fine Arts. While she has taught different forms of art for two years, she is focusing more on painting. When she is not teaching or creating art herself, Maus loves to volunteer to help with organizations that focus on humanitarian and animal well being. Maus helps anyone who is passionate, curious, and even people who are doubtful of their own abilities to be more confident, learn new skills, and have a creative outlet.
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