A Production Company
⋅ An Incubation Hub for Artists ⋅

For photographers, videographers & documentarians, instrumentalists & music rehearsals, classes. Hosting intimate exhibitions of your art or photography. Holding small shows of your music, poetry, etc. Capacity: Up to 40 guests. Catering available

The Abundance of Being 

Editorial Documentary:
Women’s March Crowd
Washington DC
Photo by  Sigourney Frazier


Acting and Creative Writing: For our acting class, Mkawasi will be sharing her many years of knowledge and experience to assist any level actor with honing their skills. She has written and directed a number of successful plays and is an accomplished videographer
Painting: Maus is an environmentally conscious painter who hopes to share her love of painting with those learning to paint. She is skilled in a variety of painting styles
Drawing and Graphic Design: Marlon has taken children on journey of drawing anatomically correct body parts to putting those parts together using his animation skills. Marlon is also skilled in creating logos and characters for clothing, small businesses, etc using his illustration experience